A workshop on “Resource Efficient Optimization Techniques In Manufacturing” has been performed in Ankara and Konya/ Turkey on May 22th-24st, 2017 in coordination with the project partner Dolnośląski Park Innowacji i Nauki S.A. (DPIN) (Lower Silesian Technology and Innovation Park) and private sector partners from Turkey as the activity of the EU project “Modern Approaches for Manufacturing Technologies in Machinery Sector” funded by Turkish National Agency for years 2015-2017.

As part of the workshop, firms have been visited that applies different innovative optimization techniques, the intellectual outputs of the project are discussed and participations have been accomplished to presentations made by representatives of METU Technology Development Zone and Bilkent Cyberpark. A platform for discussion of future cooperation opportunities has been provided.

In this regard experts from Dolnośląski Park Innowacji i Nauki S.A. (DPIN) and project partners from Turkey found the opportunity for on-site investigation and knowledge/experience transfer in the light of acquired information during the training which is performed in Germany on March 6th-10th, 2017.

With the workshop, information transaction has been accomplished on new Technologies, implementation of new technologies, and new colloboration areas have been developed. In addition to this, as Polish and Turkish representatives of technology development zone managements came together, discussion on improving substructure and capacity for technology development has been realized.


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