The Training Programme On “Resource Efficient Optimization Techniques In Manufacturing” is Successfully Implemented in Germany Between March 6th-10th, 2017
As the fourth main activity of the EU project “Modern Approaches for Manufacturing Technologies in Machinery Sector” funded by Turkish National Agency between 2015-2017, the training programme on “Resource Efficient Optimization Techniques in Manufacturing” was organized by Fraunhofer IWU in Germany (Chemnitz and Leipzig) with participation of 2 experts from Turkish Machinery Group (Central Anatolian Machinery and Accessories Exporters’ Union) and 13 participants from private sector project partners.

Experts from various fields gave lectures during the programme organized by Fraunhofer IWU and companies implementing different resource-efficient optimization techniques in manufacturing were visited. Thus, participants from private sector project partners, Turkish Machinery Group and experts from Fraunhofer IWU had the opportunity to knowledge transfer and on-site observation on innovative optimization techniques.

The effects and applicable results of the 5-days-long training programme on private sector project partners will be the input of the intellectual outputs of our project.

In scope of the 5-days-long training, in-class sessions and field visits have been realized.


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